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Alphabet Town Pricing

*Complete kit prices do not include shipping; monthly alphabet craft prices do include shipping in the price.
# of children
Complete kit price
Monthly price (crafts only)
1 $57.00 $6.50
2 $69.25 $7.25
3 $81.50 $8.25
4 $95.00 $9.25
5 $107.00 $10.25
6 $119.00 $11.00
7 $131.00 $12.00
8 $143.00 $12.75
9 $155.00 $13.50
10 $168.00 $15.00
11 $180.00 $16.50
12 $192.00 $18.00
If ordered monthly, you'll receive crafts only each month. The crafts sent will match the letters that are introduced in your monthly Funsteps program.
If ordered monthly, you'll need to make a one-time purchase of the Alphabet Curriculum Guide and Alphabet Town craft separately if you want these items (they are included with the Alphabet Town complete kit). These one-time purchases may be made at any time, although we recommend you purchase them with your first month.
Alphabet Town Curriculum Guide: $7.00
Alphabet Town craft: $5.00 per child